Documentary Filmmaker and Visual Artist

Exploring and rediscovering lost memories through the actions of my grandmother. Attempting to recreate the smell and the taste, while along the way I change and adapt. In this pursuit, I also find myself diving into an exploration, seeking answers about my lost culture.

Director: Razi Uddin
Producer: Goethe Institut

Caged In

As the world shuts down due to Covid, residents of North Nazimabad Karachi deal with the Situation.

Director: Razi Uddin
Producer: Goethe Institut

Memories and fears of the people whose houses were demolished in an attempt to revive Karachi circular railway.

In "Layers of Identity," I delve deeper into personal and family stories, linking them to the broader history of the Indian subcontinent. This film in a form of a video installation explores themes of migration, the search for a home, and how experiences and memories shape identity.

"Layers of Identity" is presented at HALLE 14 – Centre for Contemporary Art in Leipzig from 19.07.2024 to 04.08.2024. The exhibition opens on 18.07.2024, at 18:00.